The murmur of Prayer Flags

It was the first time that I travelled to the highest pass in Bhutan, and probably the first time that I ever crossed the tree line, while still on land. And this is as legitimate as my adult memory allows it to be. It was also the first time that I had ever driven that route. Continue reading The murmur of Prayer Flags

Stop! Don’t Frisk.

When I first read about the frisking of youth after 10PM if found in groups of more than two, I didn’t think it would be too bad. Especially, after I saw some pictures of weapons seized by the cops.


Then I went out on a weekend after the rule came into place, and I didn’t quite like how I felt when I came out of the club. On the one hand, you have the owners of Viva City gifting you a “forever unconditional access” card to the club ( their gift had/ has me floored) inviting you to come out as much as possible, and on the other hand, you are stressing out about being frisked. We were in a group of five that night- all adults, but we could have been “mistaken” for youth.

Who decides?

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Husband to be compensated when wife is raped: Coming to terms with a side to Bhutan I don’t like

“If found guilty, the offence would be graded a fourth degree felony, and the men will also be liable to pay compensation to the husband.”

I cannot believe I just read this line in Kuensel. This was stated by the newspaper’s sources (the police) and I cross-checked the Penal Code to ensure that this was true. The men are to be charged with, “Rape of a married woman”.

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Maleficent-Love Guru for girls and women

I thought Maleficent would be fun, and that Angelina Jolie would be “productive of harm or evil” as Merriam-Webster, helpfully explained. My friend and I did imagine our own ending fifteen minutes into the film, inspired by its subversiveness and by subscribing to the school of Frozen thought. We didn’t do too badly! This is another story that emphasises how important solidarity among girls and women is, but more importantly that true love does not have to be between a man and a woman.

“There is nothing like True Love”, says a cynical and hardened Maleficent. But, she is capable of true love even after her heart is broken.

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You are what you eat…from your TV platter

It annoys me that young Bhutanese kids watch a lot of cartoons dubbed in Hindi or in Hindi. I get annoyed not because I believe that the ideal situation is where Bhutanese kids only watch cartoons in Dzongkha, I get annoyed because they do not have a choice.

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Sherubtse’s filmmakers

The “Sherubtse film industry” has produced about 14 films, so far. This is a group that is constantly changing. Constantly growing. Members have no real experience in filmmaking and no professional equipment. They have, in fact, been sharing/passing down a Nikon and Canon camera (over the years).

Members of the Sherubtse Film Committee
Members of the Sherubtse Film Committee

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Bhutan’s Youth-Friendliness

Are there enough youth-friendly spaces in Bhutan? A straightforward question which, unfortunately, did not elicit a straightforward response from me.  Instead, the question turned into my shadow and finally into this: Continue reading Bhutan’s Youth-Friendliness